New Media Archaeology - Research Project (intl event)
Date 2009.09.10-2009.10.11...closed
Opening 2009.09.10, Thursday
Venue ddmwarehouse
(570 West Huaihai Rd, 38 Chuangyi Street, Shanghai)
Curator Alex Adriaansens, Li Zhenhua
Parental System Updating - 2009 Shanghai eArts Festival


Curatorial Consultants (in no particular order): Siegfried Zielinski | Heiner Holtappels | Gregor Jansen | Alex Adriaansens | Yukiko Shikata | Giaco Schiesser| Christoph Schenker | Stephen Kovats | Zhang Peili | Wu Meichun | Hu Jieming | Cao Kai | Xu Wenkai | Zhang Ga | Gao Fei | Art Yan | Li Zhenhua | Michael Naimark | Gong Yan | Du Zhenjun | Zhao Chuan | Qiu Zhijie | Pi Li | Mike Stubbs | Kim Machan | Alain Fischer | Hu Fang
Consulting Director: Lisa Zhou
Media Promoter: Shen Hua
Exhibition Design: Li Naihan
VI: Liang Lu & Lin Kaiting
design Consultant: Zhang Da / Su Hang (IKON design) / Zhao Zeying (think design)
Sponsor: Dupont (China)
General introduction:
09' New Media Archaeology attempts to offer up new media realities happening at several time-cues in the past, the present and the future. This reality is revealed through several clues. One clue comes from the development of visual art after photography. Another is from the art forms influenced by the knowledge and technologies in different fields based on science of chaos developed in the 1960's. 09' New Media Archaeology intends to integrate new media art developments under these two main clues, and to implement further discourse, exhibition and discussion with such social topics as urban design, public education and concept integration. It is hoped that a new mode of development can be co-constructed beyond borderlines between artists, planners, organizations and universities from different countries, presenting the sources of these clues by establishing the past events of new media, determining starting directions through discussion of future events, and a platform for discussion can be provided through present exhibitions.
Part I
About present events (TODAY)
Sep 10th 2009| ddm Warehouse
Today aims at emphasizing influences from many different fields, mixed into the theme of art, including current responsibilities and developments of art, urban development, public education and public space, corresponding and relating to Yesterday, and showing its current direction through experts' lectures on knowledge and information formed in the past. There are three demonstration projects, including design for a temporary museum (Moveable Museum - Seven Temporary Exhibition Spaces by Zheng Yunhan), designs for Sound and cross-medium (Micro Museum - Exhibition of Media Art by FM3 and Li Naihan), and designs for space and concepts (Disappearing Museum – Space of sound by Feng Jiangzhou).
These exhibitions involve aspects such as public space, education and literature, etc. Lectures will include:
* How to archive New Media and Modern Art
Ingrid Fischer (basis wien / Ars Electronica)
Heiner Holtappels (Montevideo)
* Beyond the Limit of Knowledge_ New form of Exhibition
Gregor Jansen (ZKM)
Yukiko Shikata (ICC)
Stephen Kovats (Transmediale)
Mike Stubbs (FACT)
* Design the City_ Education and Practice of Integrated Media
Giaco Schiesser (ZHdK)
Christoph Schenker (ZHdK)
Zhang Peili
Wu Meichun
Hu Jieming
* Public Revolution_ DV and Blogs
Cao Kai (China Independent Film Festival, 2004-)
Xu Wenkai (we need money not art)
Zheng Weimin (ARTLINKART)
* New Media Laboratory _ A Rising of Cross-Media
Alex Adriaansens (V2)
Zhang Ga (Academy of Arts and Design of Tsinghua University)
Li Zhenhua (Laboratory art Beijing)
Notes: 30 minutes for each speaker
Special Lecture:
* Media Archaeology_ Siegfried Zielinski, 60mins
* Alternative Space with media and social practice, Hu Fang & Zhang Yiman, 30mins
* Cao Tai Ban, Zhao Chuan, 30mins
* New Media Practice, Du Zhenjun, 30mins
About future events (TOMORROW)
Sep 11th 2009| ddm Warehouse
Tomorrow aims at forming a platform for discussion generated by the above mentioned exhibitions and lectures, discussing practical cooperation and relationships with temporality among organizations, as well as layouts for the future. This part will focus on common topics running through the lecture series in the previous section:
* Innovation Education
Giaco Schiesser
Zhang Peili, Wu Meichun
Hu Jieming
Siegfried Zielinski
* Media Art in Lab
Alex Adriaansens
Yukiko Shikata
Zhang Ga
Wu Meichun
* Archive/Database and Museum
Gregor Jansen
Heiner Holtappels
Ingrid Fischer
Mike Stubbs
* Media Art in the Public Environment
Cao Kai
Xu Wenkai
Stephen Kovats
Hu Fang
Gerfried Stocker (Ars Electronica)
Notes: one hour for each discussion and then 30 minutes for Q & A
Part III
About past events (yesterday)
Sept 12th 2009| ddm Warehouse
Yesterday is based on two major clues. The first is the track of global new media development, including the establishment of the new media/science and technology organizations MIT (1865), Japan’s ICC (1990) and Germany’s ZKM (1999), the founding of new media art festivals Linz (ARS electronica) in Austria (1979), V2 in The Netherlands (1981) and Transmediale Festival in Germany (1999), as well as literature and catalogues related to developments in scientific experimentation, art & science, the information age and integrated mediums, etc. over different phases in Europe, America and Japan. The literature program about media specifically presented here, is from Germany and co-initiated by literature exhibitions and databases and ZKM.
The second clue is the reality track of new media development and new media education in China. Well-targeted research has been implemented in experimental units starting in Hangzhou (National Art Academy), including literature on new media activities performed once every three years, catalogued by Wu Meichu; a census program focused on media artists, implemented by Gao Fei (L.A.B); as well as a partially integrated organisation of literature based on the development of the first new media system founded in Hangzhou, China after 2000.
As an extension of modern art for individual artists, the developmental clue of video art in China starts from Image Phenomenon, curated by Wu Meichun and Qiu Zhijie in 1996, as the origin of an integrated practice of art. After that, there is the MAAP Exhibition curated by Fan Di'an, Pi Li and Kim Machun in 2002, Beijing International New Media Arts Exhibition 04-06 and Synthetic Times: Media Art China 2008 curated by Zhang Ga, as well as literature from Shanghai eARTS Festival 07-09, demonstrating the spontaneous media arts development and a view focused on international new media art phenomena in a localised area.
The Yesterday show will provide a space for interactive information queries through the library and by inviting the above mentioned organizations, planners and artists to construct a new media time-line in history together with the eARTS festival.
Archive and Research:
Ars Electronica
V2_Institute for the Unstable Media, Netherlands
C3 Foundation – Center for Culture and Communication, Hungary
NTT InterCommunication Center
ZKM Center for Art and Media Karlsruhe
Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Switzerland
Montevideo Art Centre
MIT Media Lab
Foundation for Art and Creative Technology
Multi-media Art Asia Pacific
Hangzhou Program
Shanghai Program
Beijing Program
Li Zhenhua | Wu Meichun | Alex Adriaansens+ Arjen Mulder and Maaike Post(V2)| Gregor Jansen(ZKM)| C3 |Yukiko Shikata (ICC) | Siegfried Zielinski (ZHdK)| Xu Wenkai | Cao Kai | Zhang Ga | Pi Li | Kim Machan(MAAP)| Mike Stubbs(FACK)| Pauline Doutreluingne | Qiu Zhijie | Giaco Schiesser(ZHDK)| Michael Naimark/Heiner Holtappels(Montevideo)| Gao Fei