Indefinite Rhetoric - Hang Chunhui Solo Exhibition (solo)
Date 2019.07.20-2019.09.15...closed
Opening 2019.07.20, 15:00, Saturday
Venue Asia Art Center (Beijing)
(No.2, Jiuxianqiao Rd., Dashanzi 798 Art District, Chaoyang District, Beijing)
Artist Hang Chunhui


Indefinite Rhetoric
- Hang Chunhui Solo Exhibition
Asia Art Center is pleased to announce the opening of “Indefinite Rhetoric - Hang Chunhui Solo Exhibition” on July 20, 2019. From “Material and Style” of 2015 to “Ambiguity” of 2017;from “Intertexuality” of 2018 to “Indefinite Rhetoric” of 2019, what Hang Chunhui has been continuously working on was exploring and renovating his artistic concept. Every single step in his art practice can present the experimental and innovative attempt to the tradition in painting at some point and the attitude to art that he always keeps is open to be redefined and become more profound. Eastern visual experience signifies his own artistic view, including the contradictory way of viewing, obscuring the boundary between “form” and “object”, interaction between “material object” and “space” and the possibility of combining the objecthood in sculpture and paintings on paper as well. There will be four series of works displaying on this exhibition, which are Message Obscured by Form, Boundless, Transparent Color and In-Definite Reproduction, over 20 pieces of the artist’s latest works in total.
The exhibition titled “Indefinite Rhetoric” comes from Hang Chunhui’s most recent work In-Definite Reproduction; which is a continuation of the 2018 series Boundless. It broadens the issue always standing centrally in Hang Chunhui’s painting - discussions of boundary of both object and form; it also touches on dual interpretations on the notion of “reproduction” (the physical reproduction of light reflecting off glass and the formal reproduction of painting illusion). This paradoxical combination not only obscures ways of viewing but also provides a different textual explanation of the word “reproduction”. “Rhetoric” is a literary term that elaborates text by refinement. The difference between painting and reality happens to be a rhetoric of form - it is a sensual construct of visual context between reality and illusion. Just as Hang’s view: this is a question whether reality simulates painting or painting simulates reality.
The exhibition will be on view till September 15th, 2019.