Yan Wenhui - Sailing on land (solo)
Date 2021.10.05-2021.10.24...closed
Opening 2021.10.05, Tuesday
Venue ShanghArt Gallery (M50)
(Bldg 16, 50 Moganshan Rd., Putuo District, Shanghai)
Curator He Chi, Yan Bing
Artist Yan Wenhui


ShanghART M50 is pleased to present a series of painting exhibitions Project: Original Sin, curated by He Chi and Yan Bing. In this project, six artists adopting the traditional painting language will successively explore the issue of painting and contemporary art through solo exhibitions. The six artists in the project are Guo Longyao, Yan Wenhui, Guo Haiqiang, Qi Wenzhang, Du Wenhui and Guo Qiang (names are arranged in order of solo exhibition).
Following Guo Longyao's "T-emple", the second exhibition of the project "Yan Wenhui: Sailing on land" will be launching on 5 October, 2021.
Original Sin|Yan Wenhui: Sailing on land
Text / He Chi
Translator / Sima Yuan
I can watch you
You can scrape off
the salt on the wound
You can watch me
I can play
a boat sailing on the land
We turned clothing
back into clothes
into dazzle
Your eyes
are made of sweet water
made of salt water
Yan Wenhui
He was born in Gansu Province in 1990. He graduated from the Department of Oil Painting, School of Fine Arts, Tianshui Normal University in 2015, now lives and works in Beijing. Yan Wenhui dedicates to exploring the relationship between individuals and memory through painting, which originates from himself and his experience of rural life, the land, and his family. Through observation and construction of these memories and feelings, the artist builds a graphic painting content that is consistent with his feelings. It's not quite accurate to some extent, but it's just right. He expresses his personal feelings through this image of the self.