Wu Shanzhuan - Today Became a Holiday (solo)
Date 2019.03.16-2019.10.13...closed
Opening 2019.03.16, Saturday
Venue Long March Space
(798 Middle First Street,Beijing, China, Beijing)
Curator Inga Svala Thórsdóttir
Artist Wu Shanzhuan


“Today Became a Holiday” is Long March Space’s first exhibition of 2019. It will show paintings by Wu Shanzhuan.
“Today Became a Holiday”: Wu has named this holiday “World Flatday”.
The concept of logistics as working method has been used throughout the practice of the artist, beginning with the 1989 piece Big Business (Selling Shrimps) up until “Today Became a Holiday”. This art logistics configuration eventually takes this ‘holiday’ as a carrier for painting.
“Today Became a Holiday” is an epic narrative duration, and the duration of the seven months’ exhibition time is a ‘holiday’, a time of painting.
In “Today Became a Holiday”, Wu states his proof of work by painting, and painting as a remedy to resist the burnout syndrome of the contemporary.
“Today Became a Holiday” is a constellation with more than 200 paintings, from Hamburg, Reykjavik and Shanghai, that have arrived in Beijing by seven sendings (shipments). They are gifts for this ‘holiday’, each arrival pushing us one step closer to Wu’s “Today Became a Holiday”.
These are the starting points of this constellation, “Today Became a Holiday”.