Thin shell - Bu Shi (solo)
Date 2021.03.15-2021.05.13...closes in 21 day(s)
Opening 2021.03.15, Monday
Venue Mouart
Artist Bu Shi


The truth you see is a shadow of the truth, and the authority you know is a game of authority. The artist is a reflector in the social system, he uses the edge of his intellect to cut through prejudice and superstition, and the complete truth will be presented in the work of this "man who has no neutral attitude required by art, whose eyes are full of prejudice and desire for the absolute, who is a worshipper of gods and superstition and a seeker of authority"... Thank you for the wisdom, thank you for the Bushi
Obviously I am not capable of describing my view of reality through painting or visual art, in fact my thinking about reality is full of prejudice and extremes, and also very crude. This means that if I use it as a theme, then that kind of work is not worthy of respect. On the other hand, I don't think I have an "daily" theme either. Although I have a certain obsession with honesty and authenticity, I'm more interested in the so-called mystery that lies beneath or beyond the reality. The existence that contains this mystery is what I think is the complete reality. This is what I call the thin shell, or it is like the thin ties that they are at a precise point of coordinates.