Suehiro Maruo (solo)
Date 2019.01.10-2019.02.16...closed
Opening 2019.01.10, Thursday
Venue Galerie Georges-Philippe & Nathalie Vallois(36)
(36 rue de Seine, Paris)
Artist Suehiro Maruo


Born on January 28, 1956 in Nagasaki Japan, Suehiro Maruo is considered as one of the masters of horror manga, especially in the genre Ero guro, or erotico- grotesque.
Largely in uenced by Japanese tradition but also by the Surrealist movement and the cinema of Juan Luis Buñuel or Fritz Lang, his work is distinguished by a very aesthetic style where we encounter the frozen seduction of the new German Objectivity (from Christian Schad to Otto Dix).
He will regularly lean on crime novels to the particularly strange and macabre world of Hasegawa Kaitarô and Edogawa Ranpo for his most famous works of which we will present a set of original storyboards.
According to Jean Giraud, aka Moebius, « Maruo is the total incandescence of sexual anger, the destructive will, the call for the permanent help of a tortured child, in a look full of compassion but at the same time blinded by a terrible rage ».