Baths of Caracalla (group)
Date 2019.03.16-2019.04.20...closed
Opening 2019.03.16, 15:30, Saturday
Venue Canton Gallery
(B101, building No.10, Quantang Rd. No.38, Haizhu Dist., Guangzhou, China, Guangzhou)
Artist Guo Cheng, Sun Wenhao, Yang Yang b.1993


Deep-incredibly deep, cool things gather and form a good show! The Bath of Caracalla in Ancient Rome is really a good show! “Mysophobia” is a common character of these artists.
Everyday people crowded the Bath of Caracalla. Many strange things happened on the people here who desperately cleaned themselves. Turning right from the hall there was a pavilion where people dressed and undressed. A foreigner named G was trying to dig a deep pit of one square meter. The people after the bath were very surprised when they passed him. Three months later a citizen no longer resisted his curiosity. He bowed and asked G what he’s doing there. G answered: “I am looking for the path that no one has ever passed. We will achieve happiness whatever the weather is!”
Heading from the dressing room there were two big gyms around the colonnade. Roman citizen S knocked the wall heavily with his hammer every day. The marble columns turned up one by one from the huge wall. People asked S what he was doing, and S answered the goddess could not stand any stains so he lifted her up to the sky.
And then there was the swimming pool, and heading right there was a large library separated from the middle. There were always some Roman citizens who hated knowledge hiding a stone in their pockets, and they would smash the books with full strength when no one noticed. But it doesn’t matter. Citizen Y would stick and fix them voluntarily. One time a scholar said to Y: “You are really a loyal servant of wisdom.”Y said, “I have to admit that I don’t know a single word, but broken things always make me sick!”
In ancient Roman people were unfriendly to their armpit hair and always wanted to remove them. Due to the undeveloped technology, every time beauticians pulled up the armpit hair, a scream always burst out. Unexpectedly, the screams attracted many customers for the beauticians. Therefore, they came up with inspiration and turned the screams into an idea to attract customs. When they were free, they would scream constantly, trying to let everyone know their identities and business, or made people think their business was popular.
Welcome you very much to join the cold bath, warm bath and hot bath here. It will be a luxurious and interesting enjoyment to have one more sauna! Baths of Caracalla will make you love cleanness more and more!
Sun Wenhao