Spicy Fairy Tale - Sun Daliang (solo)
Date 2019.03.22-2019.04.17...closed
Opening 2019.03.22, Friday
Venue Hunsand Space
(A8.no.215 Caochangdi, Airport Service Road, Chaoyang District, Beijing, Beijing)
Curator Bao Dong
Artist Sun Daliang


“Spicy fairy tale” is Sun Daliang first solo exhibition at Hunsand Space, which has 30 pieces of his recent creations. The theme of the exhibition used fairytale to portray humorism and eroticism; the space used bright colors to portray the miraculous in "fairytale." As a unique artist, Sun used the simple and direct painting method to fuse all three components: daily figure, psychological image, and symbolic icon together to allow viewers to psychoanalyze their own personal experience.
Regardless of the artist’s literal depiction of “sexuality” or projection onto the figures and objects in his paintings, his images often reveal an expression of diffidence, where the compositions are evasive and brushwork abashed, his use of colors concise. Although these self-imposed refrains in the language of the painting are appropriate and accurate, which draw the viewer's attention to the subjects, rather than the painted surface. His economical language, abstract context, distinct forms and subject taken into the consideration of Sun Daliang's adoption of small dimension of the canvas, earns his painting a prophetic discourse.
Recently, there are more and more “suspended thoughts” in Sun Daliang’s works, most of which are random and abstract forms. For instance, the black spheres against an empty background, black rectangular shapes in the night sky, the sacks hanging over the two women’s head. Visually speaking, Sun Daliang has intentionally applied high-density composition and color schemes to enhance the optical effects, and his empty and flat background contrasts with the volume of these shapes, so they seem to stand out from the canvas. Instead of considering these images as psychological, it makes more sense to think of them as spiritual for they have jumped out of the surrealist aesthetics, and imply for absurdity in the philosophical sense.
Sun Daliang was born in Xuzhou in 1971. Sun graduated from Shanghai Theatre Academy in 1997 and now lives and works in Nanjing. Recent exhibitions includeSpicy Fairy Tale-Sun Daliang Solo Exhibition (2019), HunsandSpace; Alchemy-Sun Daliang Solo Exhibition (2014), Linda Art Center; An Island Dairy-Sun Daliang Solo Exhibition (2012), Mark Dawes Gallery, etc.