Existence (group)
Date 2021.03.18-2021.05.09...closes in 17 day(s)
Venue Wind H Art Center
Curator Liao Wen
Artist Bai Xuejuan, Deng Yufeng, Ding Shiwei, Gu Xue, Hong Lei, Jin Weihong, Li Bo b.1972, Liao Jianhua, Luo Mingjun, Wang Yuqing, Xiong Wenyun, Zhang Zhenyu, Zhang Yong, Zhang Wei b.1984


Wind H Art Center × Click Ten Art Space are pleased announce the exhibiton Existence will open on March 18, 2021.
Currently with the incessant expansion of the globe, politics, capital and media, our sense of presence as humans waned day by day. In 2020, a devastating pandemic the truths of which are yet to be determined, has shaken the convictions of human existence by its foundation. The works of this exhibition, the most which consist of those made by the artists during their quarantine, are the participants' artistic reflections and reactions towards the significant changes to human conditions and the meaning of existence from the perspective of contemporary artists who bear the basic sensitivities and social responsibilities to our circumstances.