Walking, Walking - Kan Xuan (solo)
Date 2019.07.18-2019.09.18...closed
Opening 2019.07.18, Thursday
Venue Arrow Factory【Closed】
(38 Jianchang Hutong (off Guozijian Jie), Beijing)
Artist Kan Xuan


To greet the sweltering depths of summer, Arrow Factory presents the rhythmic chants of a new video work, Walking, Walking, by Beijing-based artist Kan Xuan. In this animation, a formation of cucumbers make their way across the screen shouting in unison, “No oil! No garlic! No vinegar! No salt!”The artist’s aim in negating a simple dish of Smashed Cucumbers, to rebut a standard fare that is found in every restaurant in Beijing. The video monitor is relegated to a corner of the space. Viewers first hear the voices without any visual clues to their origin. Only in walking up to the window and peering in does the source become apparent.
Xuan’s extensive body of work ranges from momentous subjects as in her exploration of ancient burial grounds for MilletMounds (2016), to the more banal culling of various objects from the dollar store in Island (2006-2009). It is through this in-depth and often humorous attention to minutiae that draws viewers into her idiosyncratic world view.
Kan Xuan (b.1972Anhui, China) is a graduate of the China Academy of Art. Her work has been exhibited widely in China and internationally, most notably at the Times Art Center Berlin (2019); Ikon Gallery, Birmingham (2016); Guggenheim Museum,New York (2016); M+ Museum, Hong Kong (2015); 4th Guangzhou Triennial (2012); Ullens Center for Contemporary Art, Beijing (2012); ChinesePavilion of the Venice Biennale (2007), 10th International Istanbul Biennial(2007) and China Power Station I, II, III in various locations (2006-2008). She lives and works between Beijing and the Netherlands.