Xue Yang - All in Silence (solo)
Date 2019.05.16-2019.08.16...closed
Opening 2019.05.16, 15:00, Thursday
Venue Serpentine ART
Curator Liu Le
Artist Xuan Yang


The solo exhibition "All in Silence" of Xue Yang who is a cooperator of Ben Art Gallery will start at Serpentine ART on May 16.
Every artist has to confront his own issues in theend. I have been all along on the alert for something particularly appealing. Iwould get more fascinated about the tree shadows behind sunshine and thepossible stories flickering there. These narrations would be probably just aworld of make-believe or the fact in itself. I believe that uneasy past couldbring light breath, which is a clearer and sober vitality that arousesresonance in people. There always exist some inherent human natures like loneliness as a long presence, which never wanesbecause of a fireworks show or a fabulous feast. It is cruel and yetmagnificent, making life rich and grave.
-- Xue Yang